Tucson Cleaning at its best

Our unique environment can be a challenge to keeping a home clean. Fortunately, the professionals at Mi Kasa Cleaning have an exceptional understanding of our local city and how to rigorously clean your home right.

Carpets – Mi Kasa knows how grimy carpets can get – never mind what you can’t see – what you can see is difficult to overcome sometimes. So we take an approach that works for your individual home, including specific quote about services and what the expected outcome is. Pet? We have you covered. Damaged patches? We understand. Contaminants or other challenges? Call us and let’s find the right solution to your problems.

Tile and Grout – We also clean tiles and grout so your house has that new home feel about it again. The cleaning agents we use are beneficial to a clean house and won’t cause you harm. Even if you have special circumstances, we can find the appropriate cleaning approach for you.

Home cleaning services – we have a team ready to clean your home or offices. Our cleaning packages include one-time, or as a monthly contract. FInd out more when you call.